Chris spent three years teaching theatre at the undergraduate level at Indiana University. Courses there included

  • T120 Acting I: Introduction to the Fundamentals of Acting
    This course guides beginning acting students through the most fundamental skills an actor can learn: choosing action and not emotion as the foundation of the acting process, while forming coherent and consistent objectives and tactics.
  • T220 Acting II: Scene Study, An Introduction to Stanislavski
    Continuing the search for playable truth through the use of playing an action and tactic based on character, this class focuses on a basic approach to scene analysis to reveal behavioral clues, stimulate the imagination, and create identification with characters in the play. Exploring ways to facilitate relaxation, spontaneity, self-awareness, and a real connection with the other actor.
  • T325 Voice and Speech
    Based in the technique of Patsy Rodenburg, this course introduces students to an awareness of themselves and their habits. We find the difference between the natural and habitual voice. Through an exploration of self, we find a connection to our breath and our natural sound. Introduction to the International Phoenetic Alphabet, speaking Shakespeare, and Second Circle.

Recently, Chris has worked as dialect coach and voice/speech coach for productions in Bloomington, IN and Buffalo, NY.

He is qualified to teach Voice and Speech (Rodenburg), Introduction to Acting, Fundamentals of Stanislavski, The Meisner Approach, Speaking Shakespeare, Scene Studies, Audition Repertoire and Technique (including musical theatre), Acting Styles for the Musical Theatre

Chris has given workshops on acting the song, monologues, auditioning, webdesign for actors for students ranging from grades 4 all the way through college.

Full CV, Teaching Philosophy, References, etc. are available on request.