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June 29 – July 9 2017
Bristol Valley Theatre

by Yasmina Reza
translated by Christopher Hampton
directed by Karin Bowersock
with David Shane, Seth James, and Chris J Handley!

Serge has just spent a small fortune on a painting, a white background patterned with white lines. His longtime friends think he’s lost his mind. What begins as a friendly discussion of personal taste rapidly devolves into a scathingly funny all-out war as the guys take off the gloves and share their opinions of art–and each other.

The crazy thing is that we’re rotating roles. Like Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon in this season’s Broadway production of The Little Foxes, the three of us are each learning two roles, and we play one for week one, and then switch for week two. Which means you have to come back to see it again!

I made a video to send out to the BVT subscribers: