Visions of Right

May 18-27, 2017
Jewish Theatre of Bloomington
directed by Martha Jacobs

with Chris J Handley, Abby Lee, Gerard Pauwels, Adam Decker

The two best performances are by the leading couple, Abby Lee (as Christina) and Chris J. Handley (as Oz). Both actors are down-to-Earth and easy to relate to, while very moving in the more somber scenes.
The Herald Times

Chris J Handley has charm with a nice innocence and a real skill with storytelling.
Indiana Public Media/WFIU

Written by Marcia Cebulska, in response to the hate ministry of the Westboro Baptist Church, Visions of Right has not only timely social and political implications relating to themes of homosexuality and anti-Semitism, but also has a local interest. Marcia Cebulska lived and wrote in Bloomington for about 25 years and will be working closely with this production.

After her time in Bloomington, Marcia moved to Topeka, Kansas where she became painfully aware of the hate-mongering Westboro Baptist Church. She went undercover, attempting to discover the basis for the bigoted activities of the church. Visions of Right, fueled by her research, evolved into a fictionalized portrait of a fanatic preacher. Gay Bashing and anti-Semitism are brought to light in the play, which tells the story of photographer, Christina Romanek’s, head-to-head encounter with the preacher’s twisted view of what is right. The cast includes IU theatre graduate students, both members of Actors’ Equity, Abby Lee and Chris J Handley, IU undergraduate theatre major, Adam Decker, and well-known Bloomington actor, Gerard Pauwels.