Prospect Hill

March 24 – April 1, 2017
Indiana University Theatre
A new play by Bruce Walsh
Directed by Ansley Valentine
with Chris J Handley, Joshua Robinson, and Joshua M Smith

The actors brilliantly capture this complexity. Chris J. Handley and Joshua Robinson are an ideal pair as Jacob and Rex. Under Valentine’s careful direction, these actors rarely strike a false note.
The Herald Times

Prospect Hill is a thought provoking, funny and moving play by IU MFA playwright Bruce Walsh. Joshua Robinson, Chris J. Handley and Joshua M. Smith do wonderful service in compelling performances.
Indiana Public Media/WFIU

After participating in various readings and workshops of this play over the last year, I am excited to finally perform a Bruce Walsh play. I’ve been excited to collaborate with him these past three years as MFA colleagues on some of his other works, including Berserker (Kennedy Center MFA Playwrights’ Workshop) and james, a short play about a man who wins the lottery and buys a new suit.

Director Ansley Valentine and I worked together 20 years ago and were reunited for this project!