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Led by a superb Chris Handley, ‘Elf’ is candy-coated cheer at Musicalfare (3-1/2 Stars from the Buffalo News)

NOV 14: THE BUFFALO NEWS/Ben Siegel — The show’s humor relies heavily on the accentuated physical performance of its star Buddy and less so on his particular lines. At Musicalfare, Chris Handley is simply spectacular. He hits Ferrell’s major bullet points — those jaunty Steve Martinesque twitches, his zero-to-60 shrieks — but never goes near an impression. He is his own Buddy, a friskier Buddy, a more devious Buddy. A Buddy to believe in.

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What actor Chris J. Handley wears when he’s not dressed like Buddy the Elf

NOV 8: THE BUFFALO NEWS/Susan Martin — “Everything I own is blue … I think it’s because some costume designer once said, ‘You have blue eyes so you should wear blue.’ And that was the end of it. I just took that advice,” he said.

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MusicalFare puts its best foot forward in the Christmas musical ELF

NOV 15: BUFFALO RISING/Peter Hall — “I wasn’t really that worried about the musical because I knew that in the role of Buddy the Elf the show starred Chris Handley, recently seen in a number of different shows all over town, and one from the past to which we frequently refer, MusicalFare’s BASKERVILLE. That was a show that in our house serves as a benchmark of comedic excellence. Then, this summer at Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s THE TEMPEST Handley almost stole the show as the court jester Trinculo. He’s a funny guy and a total professional on stage who never disappoints.”

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This is a polished, complicated production and opening night was flawless.

NOV 15: BUFFALO THEATRE GUIDE/Gail Golden — “Chris J. Handley, looking like a cross between Danny Kaye and Harpo Marx, is fine in the demanding central role of Buddy the Elf. He runs the gamut from pixilated to amusing to soulful and, Mr. Handley gives such an exuberant, effervescent performance that I’d be surprised if he isn’t nominated for an Artie Award.”

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